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An iPad in the Instructional Designer’s Hands

There is a lot of noise in the training world about mobile devices, how we deliver training to them, and the impact they have on how colleagues learn and support themselves. But what about the impact they have on how an instructional designer works? What apps do they use, and why? A colleague and I… Read more »

The end of the classroom participant guide? Part 3

Time for another short post in this series. This time let’s talk about the rise of performance support. Performance support is not new, however in recent years PSS vendors have taken the functionality to all new heights with context sensitivity and goals like finding the content you need in 2 clicks and 10 seconds. What… Read more »

Performance Support for Grocers

Anybody that has done any work in the food service and grocery industry knows about food safety. And the temperature foods are stored or served at are critical. A visit from a local health inspector can end in all sorts of problems if food is not at the correct temperature. As a result, companies in… Read more »

Some Definitions

As I get this blog up and running I want to throw a few definitions out there to provide some context for everything that comes after. Many of you likely already have a pretty clear definition for the terms Performance Development and Performance Support, and yet I’m going to take this first real post to… Read more »


Hello, and welcome to It’s About Performance, a blog at the cross roads of performance development and performance support. My name is Rory (if you didn’t notice the name tag), and I’ll be focusing on both of those topics here. In my day job, my role has a dual focus – supporting colleagues as they… Read more »